Northern Negros Aquatic Resources Management Advisory Council (NNARMAC)

The Northern Negros Aquatic Resources Management Advisory Council (NNARMAC) is an alliance of eight (8) Local Government Units (LGUs) in the Northern portion of Negros Occidental. These eight (8) LGUs agreed to enter into an alliance with common agenda of protecting, rehabilitation and management of the coastal and fishery resources, including inland waters, rivers and creeks. The member LGU’s are as follows:

  • City of Victorias
  • City of Cadiz
  • City of Sagay
  • City of Escalante
  • City of San Carlos
  • Municipality of Manapla
  • Municipality of Toboso
  • Municipality of Calatrava

NNARMAC drafted its 5 years (2009-2013) strategic direction last November 2008. Installation of systems and policies for the organization is necessary in order to develop trust and confidence among the member LGUs. Timely, that the secretariat and the Technical Working Group (TWG) of this quasi secondary-organization strongly believes in formalization, systematization and harmonization.

Alliances can prevent conflicts through formulating a common understanding on policies and procedures, and religiously implement policies by its management body Thus, the policies and procedures are translated into a “Manual of Operation” (MoOP) that explains the organization’s structure, functions and contributions within the whole NNARMaC system.

Further, the MoOP explains the Schedule of Authority (SOA). SOA explains the limitation or extent of authority of each body or personnel during the implementation and decision making activities. It clarifies the duties and accountabilities of the personnel or bodies involved in the whole organizational structure such as who does approve the quarterly plan, and who approves the 5 –year development plan.
Furthermore, MoOP ensures the “check-and-balance” within the organizational operations. MoOP is an instrument for “control mechanism” of the whole organization in all kind of transactions.

Through the secretariat, and with the active participation of eight (8) LGU member C/MAO’s and CPDC’s, a workshop for the refinement of the existing Manual of Operation (MoOP),and ammendments of the MOA were facilitated by the concurrent Executive Director held on November 11,2010 at the Social Hall of the City Planning and Development Office, Cadiz City.

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), the proceedings of the organizational analysis, and its strategic plan for year 2009-2013 served as references for the refinement and final drafting of its MoOP. Ammendment of some provisions of the previous Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) through actual past experiences were also considered and deliberated during the plenary session.

This MoOP is subject for review every two and half years (2 ½) by the Technical Working Group (TWG) or through a special meeting called for such purpose.

Vision and Mission

Vision Statement:
Northern Negros with sustainable, bio-diverse and well managed aquatic resources resulting to improved quality of life of empowered communities

Mission Statement:
We commit to support member LGUs to collaborate efforts towards a highly productive, bio-diversified coastal and fishery ecosystem through community-based management that provides a sustainable use of aquatic resources.

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