Central Negros Council for Coastal Resources Development (CENECCORD)

The Central Negros Council for Coastal Resources Development (CENECCORD) is an alliance of 7 Local Government Unit (LGUs) organized in 2005 through a Memorandum of Agreement with the assistance of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist not only for the purpose of restoration and conservation of coastal resources but also for the maintenance and preservation of sound ecological balance, clean environment, equitable use of resources and most importantly, giving preferential treatment to marginal fisherfolk. This will create more opportunity for better living condition that will primarily benefit the public in general and the fisherfolk in particular. The Alliance is composed of the City of Bago and the Municipalities of Pulupandan, Valladolid, San Enrique, Pontevedra, Hinigaran, and Binalbagan. Considered as the youngest among the three LGU-alliances in Negros Occidental, CENECCORD operates on a limited budget from one-time contribution made by member- LGUs.

The Alliance has played a major role in coastal resources conflict resolution between and among LGU-members, specifically those related to municipal water boundaries dispute. The key actors of the alliance had undergone capacity building development activities, the purpose of which is directed towards building a balance between enhancements of helpful mechanism within the council and generating results that would boast the positive image and presence of the council among the fisherfolks and elected officials.

To guide the development efforts of the member-LGUs and to set direction to the Alliance’s concerned activities; the members formulated a five-year strategic plan and annual investment plan. This is complemented by their updated 2009 re-entry plan formulated last August 24-25, 2009. As verbalized, there is a need for the members to agree on the Alliance’s implementing guidelines, procedures and policies to avoid conflict.

Vision and Mission
To strengthen the ties that bind a harmonious weave geared towards coastal development, it is crucial that the seven (7) member LGUs shared a common vision, mission, goals and core values. This common perspective will propel everyone into a unified effort with clarity and conviction.

Vision Statement:
“Abundant coastal and marine resources sustainability managed for the shared benefit of the present and future generation.”

Mission Statement:
“To lead in formulating and implementing an integrated policy framework and programs for the efficient and sustainable management of the coastal and marine resources.”

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